Hello World,..

First posts are always difficult for me.

It’s like meeting someone for the first time, and wanting to make a good impression and wanting to say something that will let you get to know me, and bring you back for my second, third, fourth,..etc posts.

It’s also about me leaning the new system that I’m posting to.

“Hey what’s this button do?”

“How do I make a link?”

“What do I want this blog/post to look/sound/read like?”

It’s a learning experience you know, and I’ll get better with things when I post more to this blog.


So a little about me, (that I don’t plan on putting in my ‘About Me’).
I’ve tried to blog a couple of times before with other systems, (tumblr, blogger, aol,..)
I’ve tried making specific blogs for specific topics,… (Didn’t do to well with that)
This is just going to take all that I’ve learned from my blogging fails to become the Mother of All Blog(fails),.. wait, what?

In the end this is where I’m going to try to make my home in the “blogosphere”.
We’ll just have to see how it turns out.


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