Weekend AAR 12/13-14/2014


Went out for a 6 mile ruck with my 30lb rucksack. found a beautiful little log that I started calling ‘Big-Guy’. I think he is around 20-25lbs but haven’t weighed it yet to get a precise weight.
My main goal with carrying it with me was to just get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

‘Big-Guy’ is a great way to start that process.

Overall I really think it was a great workout. I enjoyed my time in to woods, got to say ‘Hi’ to people I passed and heard a little boy I passed that was with his family for Christmas Pictures say,

Kid – “Why is he carrying that log?”
Mom – “He must want to make his walk a little more challenging.”
Kid – “I want to carry a log too!”


Encouraging the future generation to be better! *Self-Highfive


I went out for a 12.5 mile run with my local (Dayton, Ohio) Team RWB.

Overall it was an /ok kind of run for me. I’ve been rucking more than running this year so forcing out 12 miles took more than I was prepared for.
However, I recovered from it much quicker than I would have when I first started running. Which means no zombie legs for me today 🙂 (score!)

My thighs just fell a little tight and I could use a good roll out on both IT bands but other than that I’m good.


All-in-all this weekend was pretty solid and I’m glad I was able to get out both days to put in some miles.


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