Getting My Mind Right & Some Feels

The days are counting down, and now we’re into February. One month closer to May, and 42 hours of good living.

I’ve been trying to get my mind right, and out of the cloud of depression and self loathing that I’ve been in. Because it’s not about me. I’m not doing this for me, I’m doing it for my kids. I’m doing it because i already know some of my teammates and they need me to be there and ready to give 110%.

If I’m not ready for something that I’m committing myself to then I think that says alot about me, and who I am….

I’ve walked that road already and I’m not doing it anymore. And for the people that I’ve hurt while I was on that journey, I am truly sorry. You are amazing, and have helped to shape me for the better, I cannot thank you enough for being as awesome as you are.


#PATHFINDER – 004 (12/08/2014 Follow Up)

Realized when I got home that I hadn’t posted my last post, and I was already post ¬†workout.

This was my results.

Selection Test #1
Push ups: 40
Situps: 34
5 Mile run: 50mins

Didn’t get to the ruck after the run. I decided that it was to cold and that staying out three more hours was just increasing my chances of getting sick (which I’ve been fighting already).

Played it safer than sorry,..


I came across this group of guys that run the site, and are holding a 12 week training program they called PATHFINDER.

Their on the fourth iteration of the class, and it is used as training for GORUCK events. Specifically Heavy and Selection.


This program kicked off last week and on Monday and Tuesday I crushed my workouts.


40 Burpees
50 Ruck Upright Rows
75 Deep Squats with ruck
75 Selection Standard Push-ups
100 Jumping Jacks
75 Zircher Squats with ruck (bear hug the ruck)
60 Ruck Overhead Presses
60 Walking Lunges (30 each leg)


6.9 mile ruck w/35# in my ruck and a 25# KB coupon.
Time was 2:04:43

Also picked up a coupon along the way (limb) and swung back around after my ruck for the chunk of the stump.


Since Tuesday I’ve been slacking pretty hard and haven’t worked out at all…

So tonight I am going to shot for Selection Standards and possibly try to get out for an evening ruck (tired and hungry, might as well as ruck it).

Selection Standards:

  • 2 Minutes: Minimum 55 Push-Ups (Proper Form)
  • 2 Minutes: Minimum 65 Sit-Ups (Proper Form)
  • 5 Mile Run in 40 Minutes or less

(Note*) I tried posting this once before but some how lost it and now have to retype the whole thing,… Damn you WordPress, damn you!